Why do Jamaicans run so fast? By Coach Wilson


The University of the West Indies and Glasgow University in Scotland embarked on a joint study to examine: The role of genetics, nutrition, the environment and physical education and training in Jamaica’s athletics success.

  • In 2003 Australian scientist discovered ACTN3 (elite sprint and power athletes possess this gene)
  • Gives performance advantage to the elite athlete
  • DNA analysis of 200 Jamaican athletes has showed that 80 percent of them have the (ACTNE3 GENE) that established research has proven is associated with fast twitch muscle fibre that allow for high velocity or power sprinting.
  • The genetic profile of the persons from the cockpit country is similar to the Olympians
  • The minerals from the cockpit that the plants uptake switches the gene on and drives it to perform maximally taken from “Sprinting into History Jamaica and the 2008 Olympic Games”.

Gene connection

  • Asafa Powell (former world record holder 100m) – Donavon Powell (brother)
  • Lennox Miller (Olympic silver medalist) – Inger Miller (daughter)
  • Calvin Smith former (world record holder) – Calvin Smith Jr. (son)

Athletes from the Cockpit country

Donavon Bailey Former (world record 100m holder), Ben Johnson, Linval Christie, Veronica Campbell Brown, Usain Bolt and Michael Frater.