The Mindset Athletes Should Have For Success

Jamaicans are some of the most resilient persons on our planet Earth and it all emanates from the mindsets which we have engendered over a protracted timeframe. We believe in the true spirit of success which comes about due to how we frame our minds toward being a successful entity. Most Jamaicans are from poor socioeconomic backgrounds so in order to escape from the wretched system which undermines our predecessors for centuries we have to think out of the box. This can only be realized when our urge to escape poverty is just as great as our mindsets for a successful life.

To circumvent undesirable experiences we should try and ensure that the now generation is guarded from being a victim of the existing system. So we use sports as a vehicle to extend ourselves and attain optimum success. We don’t necessary have to be obedient to the average person who might not have a strong power of will to attain the maximum of our expectations. The power of will should be the hallmark from whence we make our demarcation from persons with mediocre personal performances to those who are searching for the true Jamaican ideal.

If we cannot get what we need, we will have to resurrect our best practices, in order to get to an idyllic position of upward social mobility? We will have to challenge ourselves to process our thoughts properly for us to realize where we are going, from whence we came. Our mindsets should be right at all times and we should try our utmost best not to ever lose focus and go astray. We are a nation of great possibilities and we cannot allow negative influences to dictate our every move. We should have the right focus to direct and foster our every move toward self-fulfillment and eventually self-actualization.

Because most of our athletes are from the grassroots of our society they have learnt the hard way how to survive when the goings get tough. In a positive progression, one can visualize a pathway which will not impede them, in their quest for resounding success. When one speaks of mindset it is not that you will set your mind transfixed on something and never take it off. This is not my interpretation of a good mindset you can be receptive to constructive criticisms which will strengthen your resolve and your cause. In other words there are alternative flavours to success, growth and prosperity. You can alter your thoughts for a much more progressive pathway which is much more inspiring.

As an athlete your mind should be well focused on training and doing the hard work so desired of the coaches. Training is the variable which builds the body towards the right state of your physique to be competitive for athletic accomplishments. Whether it is to build speed, strength, stamina, power, agility, flexibility or coordination for athletic prowess it will be a satisfying desire. The body has to be totally ready for the challenges which lie on the track or on the field. This is whether to build fitness by building strong muscles and bones or getting adequate lungs capacity with oxygen or to do the work so desired of your coaches to achieve ultimate success.

The mindset should be of such that athletes should set reasonable, reachable personal goals which are not farfetched. In so doing the athlete can dance merrily down the avenues of success with all the added brilliance he/she has had to display. Your personal goals should not be related to your friend’s personal ambitions, but to you as a unique individual yourself, as such, they should be directed to you. Your goals should be your plan of action which you will use as a yardstick to measure your journey as you venture into the unknown. All athletes must recognize that they must focus at all times to start the race with the same mindset to win at the end with the same burning desire. But one must never try to win at all cost by using disingenuous means of winning.

The athletes individually must recognize that there are some things which are lacking in his/her training program which needed to be instituted. The person must be mature and ought to be able to foretell his/her fate with the intervention of his/her coaching staff. They must learn to speak their mind if they see that something needs to be integrated into their training programmes. Active dialogue is crucial for the total wellbeing of the different persons involved in the many discourses which should be entertained. It is imperative that the athletes have a most favourable interest in all discussion involving them and their coaches. This is because each athlete is uniquely different from his or her friend, and will require a different approach to resolve his/her different personality traits.

It might not be the best of ideas when analyzed by the various members of the technical staff and might be disbanded. No matter the outcome of the discussions there should be mutual understanding between parties and respect should be foremost and consensus in the minds of all pupil. But, if there is to be any form of democracy or say by the athletes into their affairs, this could be a good fix. The athlete must be enthusiastic in his/her quest for success. I will end with a quotation from Ralph Waldo Emerson “nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.” When an athlete lacks enthusiasm he will not have the killer instinct or mindset to achieve greatness and surpass his/her predecessors. Thank You!!

Paris A. Taylor is an advocate for better quality performances by local athletes to measure up to world standards. The greatness of our athletes will depend on their nurturing and the astuteness of their coaches to bring them satisfactory marketable skills.